Appraisal Work For Litigation
"I highly recommend Brett K. Schermerhorn, Certified General Appraiser, for both simple and complicated real estate appraisals including those that are involved in litigation. He recently testified in a case involving the value of a family farm, in connection with a divorce.  His appraisal was accepted over the competing one, and his testimony about potential subdivision potential was reasonable and based upon the facts presented. He effectively analyzed the areas of speculation in the competing appraisal and gave the judge clear reasons for rejecting it. Brett is thorough and uses sound judgment in balancing the factors which affect the final value of a property.  He testifies with clear, articulate sentences that everyone can understand, and he is respectful to the lawyers, and the judges throughout the process.  He does his homework!"

-Mary G. Kirkpatrick,
Attorney, Kirkpatrick & Goldsborough, PLLC
1233 Shelburne Road, Suite E-1
South Burlington, VT  05403